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Quite enjoyable!

I quite liked your animation style and attention to detail. Great plot as well, something I haven't seen before, and something more so original than many others.
Though a review, in my opinion, should also critique the author's work, give them something to think about, not just give comments at how truly awesome the video is. So, let's nitpick :)
I don't know about others, but I had a hard time reading the text because it would flash up, and I would always get to about the second or third last word before it disappeared, so I had to watch it through a second time (not a bad thing, either) just to get the full sense of what you intended.
Also, at one point, in one of the battle scenes with many people, I noticed one person standing in the background, watching his team get slaughtered, not really doing anything. He continued standing like this as he himself was killed. Just some food for thought.
Anyways, great video, and congratz on the front page! Well deserved!

tomtyke responds:

i did try to minimize the mooks loafing around , but there's just the point where there's nothing more you can waste their time on, that's just poor choreographing on my part


And que the montage!

Best shorts ever! Such original ideas! Well animated too.


I saw the title, and for some reason, excepted a little better. You had HARDLY any movement (like when the tank SOMEHOW managed to make a brick come out of nowhere AND throw it without moving), and the pictures could have used a little bit more work. The story was quite boring, and the tank and with died WAY to easily. Keep trying.


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Good game.

I liked the game. It was difficult, but that was what made it more enjoyable. My only problem really was that the spaceship's little green ball was so small that it kind of blended in with the stars and other crap, so they were hard to see while trying to dodge asteroids.
It would've been more fun if we had a weapon of sorts too, just to destroy asteroids and spaceships for a little points boost.

P.S. @ trapperjohn - #2 glitch - I don't think it is a glitch. I think he made it that way so that you would continually go forward (up), because I flew for about a minute up and turned back and there were a bunch of spaceships with automatic lazers.


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vonWolfehaus responds:

Thank you! I will change the bullets to be more visible next time.

Most was good

THe best one by far was the Bo Staff, cause it was epic and well animated. Second best was Cartiac Arrest, because it was just plain epic. The worst one though, was a tie between Bow and Arrow, and Crazy Jay.


Wierd Game

Tragic story. It was somewhat complicated. I liked not having the instructions, because some levels were obvious on what to do, others weren't. I did have troubled on the one where the green this were pushing me up when i wanted to go down, but i did it. I liked the idea, sorta, and sometimes the mouse controls were tough, but i liked them.


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Good song

I liked this song. Good, calm beat. Deep lyrics, not like the crap on the radio. Lyrics had a good flow, never went too fast or too slow. Awesome music, keep up the great work!


RemixF2D responds:

thx fam =) Good review. Stay up



I liked the beat. The drums went well with the somewhat abstract instruments. Your voice mixed over it well. It had a good flow, great vibe. (I feel like I am saying the same stuff on all your reviews lol, but everything is so true!)


RemixF2D responds:

Lol thx man =) I'd like to re-drop this. But too much going on. this is it. =) Thx for the review fam. Stay up.


Pretty good,

The intro was ok. The voice was a tad quite, or the chimes were a tad loud. The lyrics were ok. They had a fairly good flow and vibe. I wasn't a big fan of this beat though. Kind of some sorta wierd ghostbusters type thing I thing. (I haven't watched ghostbusters, but it sounds like it can go with it). Hmm.

Overall, not bad, but not your best, but not as bad as Consequences.


RemixF2D responds:

hahahahahah Thx fam. This was kinda a hate song. The kinda hate song u didnt care how'd it come out u kno? just givin the message is all that matterd kinda thing. Lol... We are an import enthusiast group, and we are clearly hating on domestics. =) Just a Hate song. Lol. Thx for the review fam. Stay up


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